Ready To Dye

stock, lace, greige, raw
Ready To Dye - Stock laces available - These goods are our lonely deadstock laces. All are 1a quality. The prices are great - please be aware, that there are minimum order quantities.
How it works:
1. Look through all laces and use the filters above the first line of pictures if you have a clear vision on what you desire. 
2. The pricing refers to € per meter, dyeing surcharge included. For minimum quantity check out the specific article.
3. Quantity Tolerance is 15%, due to natural loss during finishing of material. 
4. Click on the article/s of your choosing and you can see all necessary information on this article. If there is anything else you would like to know, just drop us a line!
5. If you like it - buy it. Click "Add to cart".
6. Add the Pantone color TPX/Base color into the comment sections in product, cart, or send us an Email referring to your Order # and Article #.
7. Look for more laces you like or just go check out.
Have fun!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.