Innovative Line

High Tech of the Lace World.

You can find all sorts of interesting and crazy useful inventions of the textile lace world here. These here are uniquely ours.

Extra Stretch or "2- to 4-way stretch" is a pretty great invention if we can say so.
These laces encompass higher stretching capabilities, adapting perfectly to any movement and body shape. Just perfect for sports and any snug fit.

You have the choice - use these laces for cut outs in sports wear, create something that spans more than one size (one size fits all!).

Then we have the master of disguise looking seemingly extremely fragile, delicate, wispy, breakable, flimsy, dainty, airy, elegant, … you get the point. Just like your typical Leavers Lace. Only this! This lace is actually super strong! With super strong high quality elastane!

You should use them if you want a sexy bandeau or shorts. You can use them for everything! But usually for some shape wear stuff.

And these are just 2 of our inventions! 💛🧡❤️💜💙💚
Want to see some? Check out our Instagram @upcycling.chanty.lace!