What do these words mean?


This type of lace combines beauty and fragility with an almost unbelievable resilience - and a fun fringe of varying lengths.
These laces are all rigid, so no spandex or elastane in there.

Eyelash laces are typically used for an overlay on dresses, shirts or blouses. You can of course also use the lace for decorating - maybe you need a new gorgeous curtain drape?

No matter, we love them for some 20s dresses, fringe everywhere. It adds a certain style to twirling around!

Galloon / Lace Ribbons

Galloon Laces are distinguished by having scallops or having other shape designs on both edges. They are mostly symmetrical and available in many widths, making them one of the most versatile lace types.
These laces are usually elastic and stretchy.

Decoration, necklaces or sewn to the edges of dresses, shirts, skirts, underwear and used to create your own Dessous. There is no end to imagination on what to do with a Galloon lace.
You can also do inserts and cut outs or wrap a gift with these laces.

So you want to use some lace for something? Get yourself some Galloon laces! They will most certainly fit the bill for whatever you have in mind.

Allover / Lace Fabric

A creative persons dream is what these are. Lace fabrics, also called "Allovers" (Because they do not have a special edge like typical lace ribbons and the design is instead all over the whole width of this kind of lace), usually have a width of at least 100 cm
They come in elastic and rigid, all the best for a different cause.

You can layer these with a opaque fabric or do something a little more risky. See through lace blouses and shirts allow you to wear show stopping bralettes or bandeaus.
Make a veil, scarf, tablecloth or curtain even. 

We are partial to a morning robe or kimono. Want to see some? Check out our Instagram @upcycling.chanty.lace!

Trim / Edge

Sleek, thin and durable. Elastic and rigid, everything goes. Laces up to 6 cm width belong to this group.

And the name is the game here!

Trim some pillows or edge your clothing in some of these fabulous laces!

The Trim & Edge laces are usually used as decoration or straps, they can also be used to contour shapes.
You can also wrap some gifts with them or embellish your wedding - no bridal dress should be without some laces! Make a ribbon or decorate mason jars, usable for all your diy dreams.

And let us not get started on possible floral arrangements...

Stocking / Volant

As the name says, they are ideal for any kind of stocking - not to say you cannot use other lace types - but these are the traditional kind.
Elastic, one straight edge or ruffle edge on both sides and always a smaller ribbon.

The ones with ruffle edge on both sides - stitch those up in the middle with an elastic yarn and you have a wedding band for your thigh, all ruffled up - or stitch them like that onto over knee socks or stocking and you are ready to go.
For the ones with a straight edge, they can be stitched onto another edge easily. The straight edge is slightly thicker and can thus theoretically be worked with a sewing machine. Just try it!

You can also use them to decorate bowls or other objects. Let your creativity guide you!

Extra Stretch

Extra Stretch or "2-way stretch" is a pretty great invention if we can say so.
Produced on a specially fitted machine with a little bit of magic, enables these laces to be stretched in all directions.
These laces encompass higher stretching capabilities, adapting perfectly to any movement and body shape. Just perfect for sports and any snug fit.

Extra Stretch laces also naturally come with nearly perfect free cut - meaning, if you cut through the lace it will not just unravel - so you do not necessarily need to stitch up edge - depending on what you want to create. This mostly works for layering laces with fabric.

You have the choice - use these laces for cut outs in sports wear, create something that spans more than one size (one size fits all!) or wrap yourself up into a cocoon of these laces and go to sleep on the couch... or something.
By the way, these also do not show through if worn underneath another clothing article.

Well, we just like them very much, as they are so very versatile. Our favorite is a body of extra stretch lace. It hugs the figure in all the right places, embellishes the whole look and just feels so good.

Shaping / Leavers Optic

The master of disguise looking seemingly extremely fragile, delicate, wispy, breakable, flimsy, dainty, airy, elegant, ... you get the point. Just like your typical Leavers Lace. Only this! This lace is actually super strong!

Typical traditional Leavers Laces are really fragile, wispy things. They look gorgeous, but could do with some more stability. And that is what we have done here!

Worked in during production are extremely strong and durable high quality elastane yarns, holding everything together.

These shaping laces in leavers optic do not show through other clothing pieces, but still stand great on their own.
You should use them if you want a sexy bandeau or shorts. You can use them for everything! But usually for some shape wear stuff.

We recommend for Scrunchies by the way.