These materials are used to produce our laces

Natural Yarn

Cotton is a soft cellulose fibre that offers uncountable benefits, like strength, breathability and softness. Being sustainable and biodegradable - It simply is an all time favorite.

Made from sustainable beech wood, offering breathability and durabillity while still being silky soft.

Also called "Lyocell". Artificially produced by use of natural cellulose fibres - eucalyptus wood. It is resistant to tearing, offer great durability and liquid absorption.

Organic Yarn

Sustainable organic cotton, cultivated in areas not contaminated with pesticides. 

A cellulose fibre made from sustainably sourced pine and eucalyptus wood - transforming fabrics to be luxurious, soft and easy-to-care-for.
Benefits include:
Being hypoallergenic, soft, moisture wicking, cool touch, breathable.

Recycled Yarn

This is a type of recycled Polyamid yarn. Limiting the wastefulness during production and winning back homogeneous Polyamid to re-use.

Recycled Elastane, produced by using waste during warping, residual yarns and other pre-consumer waste.

Special Yarn

Also called 'Rayon' or 'artificial silk' - a chemically produced fibre made from recycled organic cellulose. 

A man made Polymer yarn - Boasting with great breathability, being easy to care for, fast drying, durable and many more advantages, this fibre is one of the most used, especially in combination with other materials like cotton - to create a mix that perfectly complements each other.