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Every day, our lace production generates waste too small to sell. We believe that especially in times of global environmental issues it is crucial to be as efficient as possible and minimise this amount of waste - Leading us to our decision to offer scarves and gloves using this otherwise wasted lace.

We use graphical design laces, made out of upcycled lace and recycled yarns - such as recycled elastane.
Our flowery natural laces, perfect for those who seek special comfort. Made out of cotton - an all time favorite fibre - or modal - a natural yarn providing extraordinary wear properties.
And let's not forget our more classical fragile flower design laces. Some of these are especially environmentally friendly as they are made of organic cotton.

The classic look of our one-piece lace scarves is a perfect everyday accessory suitable for everyone. And the gloves are perfect when having the need to showcase more elegance and fragility.

Enjoy our newly launched lace products are both environmentally friendly and stylish. Choose whatever fits you best.