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Est. 1957: Based in the South of Frankfurt, we, Textronic and Jacquardtronic lace specialists, were the first to develop stretch Raschel laces. Loyal to its region and proud to offer Made in Germany quality, Chanty produces exclusively at its Rödermark site, in accordance with the environmental standards set by one of Germany’s most environmentally-conscious regions.

Chanty’s goal is also, and above all, to anticipate demands and satisfy the requirements of all women, sporty and elegant, happy and adventurous.

In recent years and with a strong commitment to sustainable development and resource preservation, we worked hard to create our Natural Line. The smooth surface of the fibre provides extraordinary wear properties for a soft, luxurious skin sensation which enhances breathability, easily combining sustainability and comfort.

Combining expertise with innovation, we offer newest technology and highest quality. Check out our laces and convince yourself.