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Maske | Oval | Blau | Kinder 6-9 | 2-Schichten | Weiche Baumwolle

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€4.99 EUR

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- 95% Baumwolle / Cotton
- 4% Polyamid / Polyamid
- 1% Elastan / Elastane

Technische Information
- Breite x Höhe mit Band: ca. 23 cm x 12 cm
- 2-lagig geschlossen
- Oval fit Kids

Man wearing grey mask

Man with grey mask

Man wearing white mask

Man with white mask

Man wearing blue mask

Man in blue mask

Baumwollmaske mit Draht oben

Extra breite Baumwollmaske

Eng anliegende ovale Maske

teen in pink mask

Woman in blue mask

kid on swing in blue mask

Colorful masks

Schmale ovale Maske

Ovale Baumwollmaske für Kinder

Bitte beachte, dass die Breite und der Umfang je nach genutztem Spitzen-Stoff variieren kann.

Sehr bequeme & besonders zarte Masken. CHANTY Baumwollmasken.

Woman in green lace mask


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  • Thinking about which accessory to create

    Every season comes a new collection. And with that, we have more laces available. What to make of the quantities that are too small to sell? Upcycle!

  • Carefully selecting the lace

    After coming to an agreement, comes the next part. Carefully & thoughtfully selecting the perfect lace fabric for the planned accessory. 

  • Hand sewn

    All Accessories are hand sewn by us for you. Thus every piece is a little different & the technical details may vary some.

  • Re-usable & washable

    You can of course wash and re-use all CHANTY accessories. We do our best ensure highest quality & durability.

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