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Haargummi | Zierliche Spinnenweben | Bordeaux

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€4.99 EUR

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- 80% Polyamid / Polyamide
- 20% Elastan / Elastane

Technische Information
Umfang ca. 16cm x Breite ca. 10cm
white scrunchy

Luftige Scrunchies

Rubber bands

Haargummi aus Spitzenstoff

Bitte beachte, dass der Umfang von der gewählten Spitze abhängig ist.

Scrunchies - Immer mit dabei, egal ob am Handgelenk oder in deinen Haaren.
Hol dir jetzt dein Scrunchy!

Scrunchy width Scrunchy circumfence
  • Thinking about which accessory to create

    Every season comes a new collection. And with that, we have more laces available. What to make of the quantities that are too small to sell? Upcycle!

  • Carefully selecting the lace

    After coming to an agreement, comes the next part. Carefully & thoughtfully selecting the perfect lace fabric for the planned accessory. 

  • Hand sewn

    All Accessories are hand sewn by us for you. Thus every piece is a little different & the technical details may vary some.

  • Re-usable & washable

    You can of course wash and re-use all CHANTY accessories. We do our best ensure highest quality & durability.

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