Woman wearing a white robe with lace trim

Fringe Laces

These laces combine beauty and fragility with an almost unbelievable resilience - and a fun fringe of varying lengths. Most of these laces are rigid, but we are flexible.
They are typically used for an overlay on dresses, shirts or blouses, veils or curtains. Combining sensuality & strength. No matter if for wedding attire or something else.

This type of lace is produced on special machines and have a predetermined length. The design goes over the whole width and can be truly fragile. The cutting needs to be done by hand due to the fringes on the edge, so individuals with truly steady hands are needed for the creation of eyelash laces.
Red lacy bralette a cup of coffee and sweets

Laces that support you every day

Hugging your body in all the right ways or stretching with your movements during intensive activities- - all is possible with CHANTY laces. We have laces with a variety of different attributes.

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