CHANTY laces supporting you all day - every day.

"Using a perfectly mastered savoir-faire, Chanty creates laces that lay on a woman’s body like a mood-enhancing flow of positive energy. The collections sparkle with a generous dose of optimism and cheerfulness and the luminous, beautifully executed laces give confidence to the wearer."

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    Jacquardtronic® laces

    With CHANTY Jacquardtronic® laces you can get laces in Chantilly-Optic with a multitude of extra attributes.
    This kind of lace is fine, light and flat in direct contrast to the textured CHANTY Textronic® Laces.

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    Textronic® laces

    With CHANTY Textronic® laces you can get laces with 3D Character with a high variety of textures and designs.
    This kind of lace is structured and heavy in direct contrast to the flat CHANTY Jacquardtronic® Laces.

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Extra Stretch Laces

Produced on a specially fitted machine with a little bit of magic, enables these laces to be stretched in all directions and cut without unraveling. These laces encompass higher stretching capabilities, adapting perfectly to any movement and body shape.

More about All-Way-Stretch
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Extra Strong Laces

Worked in during production are extremely strong and durable high quality elastane yarns, which makes it possible to keep the fragility and lightness of the lace.
These shaping laces in leavers optic do not show through other clothing pieces, but still stand great on their own.

More about Leavers Optic
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Rigid & Flowy Laces

Laces with Fringe combine sensuality & strength, beauty & fragility with incredible resilience. All CHANTY Laces with fringe are hand cut with a unique design spanning over the whole width.

More about Fringe Laces
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    The Trim (or Edge) laces are usually used as decoration or straps - no need to hem the edge.

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    Lace Ribbons or Galloon laces (if they have two (2) scalloped edges) are the most used lace type.

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    Lace Plains are sometimes also called Allovers, because they usually have a design all over the whole width.

CHANTY laces are certified as without harmful substances

About our Certificates
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CHANTY as Manufacturer & Brand

CHANTY cares, recycles, donates, safes, reuses, protects, values... Producing textiles in Germany since over 60 years, we are experts at establishing conscious processes & transparent supply chains.

Sustainable Processes
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Materials used for lace production

Laces made out of organic, natural, biodegradable, cellulose, recycled material. Sourcing sustainably and environmentally conscious we are on top of the newest innovations responsible lace production.

Sustainable Materials
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Laces that support you every day

Hugging your body in all the right ways or stretching with your movements during intensive activities- - all is possible with CHANTY laces. We have laces with a variety of different attributes.

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