Bookshelf full of different laces

The general classification of laces

Lace Trims or Edges

Sleek, thin & durable laces for Trimming or Accessorizing. Traditional mechanic machines or modern digital machines, CHANTY offers both. Thus we can safely say:
Elastic and rigid, everything goes. Laces up to 6 cm width are mostly called Trims or Edges. And the name is game.

The Trim & Edge laces are usually used as decoration or straps, they can also be used to contour shapes or accessories the edge of other textiles - no need to hem the edge.
This kind of lace is extremely versatile, you can never go wrong with having some on hand.

Lace Gallooons or Ribbons

Lace Ribbons and Galloon laces, with two (2) scalloped edges. Of course, CHANTY got them.

Most of the Lace Ribbons are usually at least a bit stretchy. Some are sleek and thin; others are wider and thicker - all are gorgeous.
They are used for decoration, necklaces or sewn to the edges of dresses, shirts, skirts and of course: Used to create Slips and Bras, Bralettes and Bustier.
Some have especially adorned scallop edges, others are more subtle, but all look stunning lying against the skin of the person wearing them, embellishing their shape.

Lace Plains or Fabric

Of course the CHANTY portfolio also includes wide laces. You are planning on creating a matching lingerie Set? CHANTY has matching laces in various lengths - from Trims at 1 cm to Lace Fabrics over 100 cm.
These laces come in elastic and rigid, all the best for a different cause.

Lace fabrics - or also called Allovers or Plains, because they usually have a design all over the whole width - can be layered with opaque fabric to wear as outerwear or do something a little more risky. See through lace blouses and shirts allow the wearer to showcase fabulous bralettes or bandeaus.
Red lacy bralette a cup of coffee and sweets

Laces that support you every day

Hugging your body in all the right ways or stretching with your movements during intensive activities- - all is possible with CHANTY laces. We have laces with a variety of different attributes.

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