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If you see a textile article with the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, is certified as without harmful substances.

CHANTY gets re-certified every year to ensure that nothing passes by.
We want to ensure that you & your loved ones can use our laces worry free .

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Lace fabrics are usually in direct contact to the skin - being mostly used for any kind of underwear.

This is why CHANTY puts great importance on ensuring all articles are harmless to the skin.

We do this by certifying all articles with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.

Check the validity of any certificate by scanning the barcode.

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GOTS is recognized world wide, setting requirements from the harvesting of raw materials to the labeling of finished articles.

Hazardous pesticides are banned from all farmer fields & regular inspections take place to ensure compliance.

The complete supply chain will be checked to reach:

Social Criteria, Ethical Business Behavior, Environmental Management

The organic cotton to be used is thus carefully selected by CHANTY.

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CHANTY takes great care in the selection of materials used & suppliers to partner with.
Valuing partnership & long standing cooperation means that the selection process has to be meticulous.

All CHANTY suppliers are located in Europe, to avoid any unnecessary long transportation.

All materials sourced by CHANTY are high quality & can be used with a good conscious.

Just like the GOTS certified organic cotton.

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In 2021 CHANTY began and successfully completed the GRS certification for all factory locations.

This means CHANTY & all our partners - from raw material suppliers to dye house fulfill all GRS requirements.

If you see a GRS label anywhere you can be certain, that the complete supply chain was thoroughly checked & fulfills the strict standards set. If even 1 (one) location messes up, all parts of the supply chain connected lose their right to certify the product.

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For CHANTY this GRS certificate is a symbol proving our commitment to human & nature. Our commitment to sustainability & progress.

CHANTY only uses GRS certified recycled yarns for our 'recycled lace fabrics' - so you can be certain the recycling was done right.

Check the certification number on any GRS logo to verify the validity.

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