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Nylon / Polyamid

The words "Nylon" and "Polyamide" are and can be used interchangeably as they describe the exact same material. They are the same thing. The name "Nylon" may be more popular because of the way tights are also called "Nylons".

Nylon boasts with excellent strength and is a lightweight fiber, usable for nearly any imaginable textile application. It is nearly as elastic as rubber and resistant to wrinkles, so no need to iron. Nylon is usually made from unavoidable oil refinery byproducts, making use of what is there.

The word "Nylon" encompasses a family of synthetic polymers, that were and still are an extremely popular choice for fabric and fibers like apparel, hosiery or packaging.

CHANTY uses Polyamide 6.6 – also called “the original Nylon” – for lace production. It has a higher melting point, higher mechanical and physical properties, and is softer when compared to other Polyamide typically used for textile production.

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Materials used for lace production

Laces made out of organic, natural, biodegradable, cellulose, recycled material. Sourcing sustainably and environmentally conscious we are on top of the newest innovations responsible lace production.

Sustainable Materials