Get to know the materials used for fabric production

Do you already know all about the different raw materials and yarns? Wheter you already know all about it and want a refresher or are just getting to know the raw materials, we got you.

The CHANTY Team gave their best to create an easy to follow and transparent overview of the different types of yarns and the corresponding raw materials that are used for fabric production in the fashion industry. So this is all about the materials in wearable clothing.

Learn what really stands behind each of these words.

  • Crown of beech trees


    Made out of sustainably sourced beech wood, Modal is a naturally soft cellulosic fiber, that is biodegradable & compostable. Modal makes any fabric that little bit smoother and emphasizes any design beautifully.

  • Eucalyptus leaves

    Lyocell / Tencel TM

    Lyocell is a a man made cellulose fibre made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood in a closed loop process. It offers enhanced strength, durability and moisture absorption.

  • Green trees fotographed from the bottom up


    Viscose production uses up less water than the production of other favored fibers like cotton. It is also as smooth as silk to the touch & mixed with other fibers it makes the hand feel just that much softer.

Woman standing in a field of cotton flowers


Cotton is a soft cellulose fiber that offers uncountable benefits, like strength, breathability and softness. It is also sustainable and biodegradable. Ideal for everyone sensitive.

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Bunched up shiny fabric

Lurex / Metallic

Originally a metallic yarn made out of real metal, it is by now a yarn with a coat of shiny plastic giving the illusion of a metallic shine.

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Our CHANTY laces produced with Naia™️ yarn are extremely soft & comfortable, they feel cool to the touch & offer effortless elegance. Sourced from sustainable managed forests and produced closed loop and certified biodegradable, Naia™️ yarns the whole package.

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Nylon / Polyamid

Nylon boasts with excellent strength and is a lightweight fiber, usable for nearly any imaginable textile application. It is nearly as elastic as rubber and resistant to wrinkles, so no need to iron.

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Several people standing in a sea of Polyester fiber


A synthetic fiber - a man-made polymer, PET or just "some kind of plastic fiber" - and one of the most popular fibers world wide, used in some form in many different industries.

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  • A woman with a cape with the recycling symbol on it


    Pre-consumer recycled material is mostly used for textile production, as "pure" material is needed for effective recycling.

    But what's "Pre-Consumer"? It means the material is recycled before being used or commercialized by any consumer. Mostly this means the waste from production gets put into another production cycle, thus reducing the all around waste.

  • A woman collecting plastic bags in a forest


    Consequentely all material that is recycled after use by a consumer or commercialization is "post-Consumer" recycled material.

    This inlcudes PET bottles, fisher nets, and any other items typically collected by local programs and services. Some Brands offer recycling options for their brand clothes, so customers can bring used items back and receive benefits.

A bunch of colorful elastics lying on the blue ground

Spandex / Elastane

Making any fabric "stretchy", "Spandex" or "Elastane" is used in nearly all elastic fibers and textiles.

Different types of Spandex vary in their stretchiness, strength and resistance to match any intended use, from day-today wear to sports wear.

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