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Scrunchie | Almond Blossom | Apricot

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- 80% Polyamid / Polyamide
- 20% Elastan / Elastane

Circumference ca. 16cm x Width ca. 10cm
Oekotex certification


Please note the width & circumference varies depending on which lace fabric is used to sew the scrunchy.

Scrunchies - Always with you, no matter if on your wrist or in your hair, it is pretty everywhere!
Get your Scrunchy now!

We use high quality CHANTY laces for all our accessories, to ensure the best possible durability.
Sewed inside the CHANTY lace Scrunchies, are high quality elastic hair ties, holding it all together.



All listed products only include lace fabrics/ribbons or accessories as per product title or product description - not tops, clothes or any other accessories & decoration displayed in the photograph. Box & Set product pictures show sample products. There is no guarantee these articles will be included in the box.


Making of ...

... CHANTY Accessories are handmade out of carefully chosen deadstock & remaining collection lace fabrics. Creating truly unique pieces.

Think outside the box

Thinking about which accessory to create

Any first step is sitting down and letting the inspiration run. What laces do we have? What colors? What designs? And how would they fit?

Woman carefully inspecting lace fabric

Carefully selecting the lace

After coming to an agreement, comes the next part. Carefully & thoughtfully selecting the perfect lace fabric for the planned accessory. 

Sewing something by hand

Hand sewn

All Accessories are hand sewn by us for you. Thus every piece is a little different & the technical details may vary some.

Washing line with clips

Re-usable & washable

You can of course wash and re-use all CHANTY accessories. We do our best ensure highest quality & durability.

  • Woman wearing CHANTY stretchy lace fabric scarf

    Style 1: Stretchy Lace Fabric Scarf

    CHANTY stretch lace fabric is used for this scarf, extremely durable & versatile. Perfect for your everyday look.

  • Woman wearing CHANTY lace loop scarf

    Style 2: Lacy Loop Scarf

    CHANTY ribbon laces are used to create this scarf. They have beautiful sculpted edges. Perfect for your everyday look.

  • Woman wearing CHANTY lace rigid oversize scarf

    Style 3: Lightweight oversize Scarf

    This scarf is one specially knitted lace scarf with beautiful edges. Extra wide & extra long. Perfect for weddings, gowns & overlays.

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  • Woman wearing CHANTY lace gloves and stretching

    Choose your color

    All lace gloves are made with naturally soft CHANTY laces. for comfortable wear.

    They are available in a variety of colors for all your style choices.

  • Woman wearing black CHANTY lace gloves

    Wear them everywhere

    They look cute alone and stunning when put together in an outfit. Have your tried wearing your CHANTY lace gloves unter an oversized sweater and letting the lace peek out?

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  • CHANTY Scrunchy Design

    Light weight lace Scrunchies

    Perfect for all occasions. Soft and gentle to your hair. In a variety of different styles!

  • Elastic Scrunchy Bands

    Hair tie coated in CHANTY lace

    There is an elastic band inside. The lovingly selected lace is folded in half along the width.

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  • CHANTY Headband Style 1

    Style 1: 1-layer intricate knotted headband

    This style is a single layer of lace ribbon sewn together. Your hair stays out of your face. It can cover your ears. And it just looks great.

  • CHANTY Headband Style 2

    Style 2: 2-layer opaque knotted headband

    This style is a folded lace ribbon cross sewn together. It gives more hold. Better for intense activities and covering your ears for more warmth.

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