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Jacquardtronic® & Textronic® laces

Jacquardtronic® laces

Light & fine laces leaving no imprint. With CHANTY Jacquardtronic® laces you can get laces in Chantilly-Optic with a multitude of extra attributes.

This kind of lace is fine, light and flat in direct contrast to the textured CHANTY Textronic® Laces.

Need one for Fit-Wear? Done. Rather have one for Outerwear? Done. What about Shaping or Stockings? Done and done.

These kind of CHANTY laces leave no imprint. Only the wearer knows what kind of lace is on underneath. Unless you wear them as stocking or socks - then proudly display the intricate designs.

Textronic® laces

With CHANTY Textronic® laces you can get laces with 3D Character with a high variety of textures and designs.

This kind of lace is structured and heavy in direct contrast to the flat CHANTY Jacquardtronic® Laces. The laces can have a crocheted optic or seem embellished with embroidery.

Comfy and soft, high quality and very durable. These CHANTY Laces are perfect for any type of project.

Comparing the techniques

Both have their advantages and disadvantages – so it usually comes down to preference and price point. The price of any textile is calculated according to the weight (kg per sqm) – which naturally concludes to the fact that textronic laces are pricier, as more yarn per sqm is required to produce them.
What would you prefer?
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Laces that support you every day

Hugging your body in all the right ways or stretching with your movements during intensive activities- - all is possible with CHANTY laces. We have laces with a variety of different attributes.

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