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Recycled materials

Recycled Material & Global Recycling Standard (GRS)

For textile production recycled yarns are widely sought after. We at CHANTY also use recycled yarns for our lace production. We typically use recycled Yarns in all our seasonal articles – and per request – can use up to 100% of yarns classified as recycled in our lace production.

To ensure high quality yarns and the actual sourcing, we use GRS certified recycled yarns, tracking the complete supply chain. The recycled yarns are obtained from regenerated raw materials In accordance with traceability criteria and requirements.

The recycled content of these yarns is usually around 50%. The yarns are mostly made of in-house waste materials, meaning post industrial or pre-consumer waste, allowing for near zero waste during yarn production.

There is no way and no reason to avoid recycling, not only pre-consumer, but also post-consumer. Comparing recycled yarn production to conventional yarn production yields to less global warming, less water consumption and less emissions.

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Materials used for lace production

Laces made out of organic, natural, biodegradable, cellulose, recycled material. Sourcing sustainably and environmentally conscious we are on top of the newest innovations responsible lace production.

Sustainable Materials