Monochrome Box | White
Monochrome Box | White

Monochrome Box | White

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Produktbild zeigt Beispielprodukte. Bestellte/gelieferte Produkte können in Menge, Breite, Länge, Farbe und Muster variieren.

Die einfarbige Box enthält:
- Ungefähr 15 m einer zufälligen Anzahl verschiedener Schnürsenkel
- Schnürsenkel können nicht mit den verfügbaren Shop-Artikeln übereinstimmen
- Schnürsenkel von nur einer (1) Farbe
- Preis nur für diese Schachtel: Ca. 1,94€/m inkl. gesetzl. 19% MwSt. - Sie sparen über 20%!
- Es wird nie weniger als 0,5 m Spitzenband oder 0,5 m Spitzenstoff geben

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The Monochrome Box stunning, classic and never boring

Black lace shoe White wedding dress

What's your next project?


A box of green laces

All pictures show sample products. These products may not be included in the ordered boxes.
Boxes only include lace fabrics/ribbons, not tops, clothes or any other accessories displayed in the photograph.

CHANTY Boxes come with a variety of different laces - sometimes predetermined & sometimes totally random.
All laces are lovingly & thoughtfully selected by us for you.

Hand holding cotton balls

Materials in use

Composition of flowers

Material composition


Please note

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues meterage's it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.


Color Accuracy

Technical Values


Packages being loaded into a van






Depending on the quantity, lace fabrics will either be put onto a roll/spool and packed into cartons or, if the quantity is low, they may also be just folded and put into an envelope. The meterage per roll/spool varies depending on the width.

Packaging Lace

Packaging Fabric

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