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A sample/swatch package includes:
- 10 Handsamples/20 Handsamples (ca. 30-50cm) of lovingly choosen laces by us

- We will include laces no matter the price per meter
- It can be both - lace ribbons and fabric
- You can leave us a comment during checkout if you have a general preference - meaning:

- If you are interested in our Natural Line, just add "Natural Line"
- Or if you want to be more specific, add "Cotton"
- We will do our very best to look out for your favorites!
- Please be aware we cannot always comply with very specific wishes, due to availability and that this is no guarantee that these samples will be included

Material composition may include:
- Polyamid / Polyamide
- Elastan / Elastane
- Baumwolle / Cotton
- Polyester / Polyester
- Viskose / Viscose
- Acetat NAIA / Acetate NAIA
- Bio-Baumwolle / Organic Cotton
- Tencel / Tencel
- Modal / Modal
- Metall / Metallic
- Recyceltes Garn / Recycled Yarn