Monochrome Box | White
Monochrome Box | White

Monochrome Box | White

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Material Details +

Product picture shows sample products. Ordered/Delivered products may vary in quantity, width, length, color and pattern.

The Monochrome Box stunning, classic and never boring. 
In this box you will get a variety of laces all in one color. Choose your color and enjoy.

You are a lace lover, designer or dyi-er looking for small amounts of laces? Perfect! Take your chance and save yourself some meters of our very special laces.
Let’s recycle, rethink, recreate!

We hope you end up liking it all and wish you the best of fun with this assortment.

Use for:
Making your own set of Dessous or Nightwear. Or beautify your existing clothes. Maybe something risqué and do a lace shirt letting some skin peek through - simply dazzling! Do arts & crafts or decorate your home!
With lace fabric, lace ribbons and thin lace trims you have everything you could ever need.

The Monochrome Box contains:
- Approximately 15m of a random number of different laces
- Laces may not match available Shop Articles
- Laces of only one (1) colour
- Pricing only for this Box: Approx. 1.94€/m incl. 19% tax - you save over 20%!
- There will never be less than 0.5m of a lace ribbon or 0.5m of lace fabric

Material composition may include:
- Polyamid / Polyamide
- Elastan / Elastane
- Baumwolle / Cotton
- Polyester / Polyester
- Viskose / Viscose
- Acetat NAIA / Acetate NAIA
- Bio-Baumwolle / Organic Cotton
- Tencel / Tencel
- Modal / Modal
- Metall / Metallic
- Recyceltes Garn / Recycled Yarn

Yarn Descriptions
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General Information +

Color Accuracy
Please note that although we do our best to represent our lace stock and colors with as accurately as possible, both in descriptions and imagery, colors may vary according to factors such as florescent lighting or the settings of your computer screen and can therefore only be an approximation of the actual product. In the occurrence of such a case, please understand that these potential discrepancies are unintentional.

Technical Information Accuracy
All Technical Information is derived from the average measured values of dyed material lots. The accuracy of these values depends heavily on the number of available dye lots that have been measured - which can vary heavily from article to article.
The depicted technical values are the averages from the available lots. The actual technical values may vary up to 10 percent points.

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues metrages it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.

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Expected delivery time within Germany: 1-3 working days
Expected delivery time Europe: 3-5 working days

We are shipping all of our products from our warehouse in Germany. The processing will take approximately 1-3 working day. During this time you will receive a reply from us regarding your order.

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues metrages it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.
Depending on a various amount of aspects, the rapport length, width, usable width, cut length (as well as other measurements) may vary some. They will be within our tolerances. Please be aware that goods such as lace cannot guaranteed always be the same, even if it is the exact article. If the variation is outside the tolerances or there are any stark differences we will inform you accordingly and handle each case individually.

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