Width 5-15 cm, TYPE : Rigid, Eyelash, Spitze, Cotton, Green Line, COLOR : Black / Schwarz
Cotton | Eyelash Lace | Rigid | Width 15 cm | 78119

Cotton | Eyelash Lace | Rigid | Width 15 cm | 78119

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Material Composition
- 58% Baumwolle / Cotton
- 42% Polyamid / Polyamide

Technical Information
- Width cm: 15.5 
- Weight g/m2: 9 .0
- Repeat length cm: 19.8 
- Repeat width cm: 15.5 
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Lace Type

Use for


A valley of trees

Cotton field 


A piece of paper

Recycled Materials

Green forest top 


NAIA Flyer


Green trees 


Eucalyptus leaf



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Washing machine

Washing the new fabric

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Stretched lace

Elasticity & Stretching

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Cutting designs out

Example article showing edges

Setting the scene

Sewing utensils

Tools for working with lace

sewing needle

Stitch it


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Please note

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues meterage's it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.

Color Accuracy

Technical Values


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Depending on the quantity, lace fabrics will either be put onto a roll/spool and packed into cartons or, if the quantity is low, they may also be just folded and put into an envelope. The meterage per roll/spool varies depending on the width.

Packaging Lace

Packaging Fabric

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