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9 Meter - Beach Box | Neon | Blue Fringe Top

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Oekotex certification

You will get a total of 9 meters of laces (3 meters per lace)!

Pricing only for this box: 3.43 EUR/meter -> You save over 30%

3 Meter
Rigid| Width 74 cm | 78027 | Color - Blue

100% Polyamid / Polyamide

Rigid| Width 74 cm | 78027 | Color - Blue

3 Meter
Elastic | Width 18 cm | 64387 | Color – Pink

82% Polyamid / Polyamide - 18% Elastan / Elastane

 Elastic | Width 18 cm | 64387 | Color – Pink

3 Meter
Viscose | Elastic | Width 4 cm | S5857 | Color – Champagne

74% Polyamid / Polyamide - 16% Viskose / Viscose - 10% Elastan / Elastane

 Viscose | Elastic | Width 4 cm | S5857 | Color – Champagne
  • Woman in red clothes walking down a beach
  • Group of people walking down a beach and laughing.jpg

"It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!" (Kenny Chesney)

Inspired by summer, warm temperatures and the taste of wine, we sat down together and choose some summerly laces.
Perfect for a day at the beach. Adorn your body with this beautiful lace. Want to sit down for a drink at the beach bar? Throw this over and you are ready to go!

  • Woman in blue lace overall sitting on a chair on the beach
  • 2 people kissing on a beach at sunset

What's your next project?

Create your own morning robe or Swing dress or was it Jazz? Sew yourself a vest and a top and a tunica! Go for it! 🌺☀️
No matter, just throw this lace over, tie the ends together at hip height as a skirt and you are ready to go! ❤️

  • Hands holding cotton balls

    Materials in use

    Any of the available raw materials may be used & the material composition may thus include:
    - Polyamid / Polyamide, Elastan / Elastane, Baumwolle / Cotton, Polyester / Polyester, Viskose / Viscose, Acetat NAIA / Acetate NAIA, Bio-Baumwolle / Organic Cotton, Tencel / Tencel, Modal / Modal, Metall / Metallic, Recyceltes Garn / Recycled Yarn

  • Bouquet of dried cotton flowers

    Material composition

    The specific material composition of each lace you will find in your box, will of course be available to you.
    For specific laces already listed in the individual box descriptions, you can check out the corresponding details.

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All listed products only include lace fabrics/ribbons or accessories as per product title or product description - not tops, clothes or any other accessories & decoration displayed in the photograph. Box & Set product pictures show sample products. There is no guarantee these articles will be included in the box.


  • person using a washing machine

    Start with washing

    We recommend you wash the lace textiles before any further processing or at least before first wear. During the dyeing process the laces are washed, so there should be no shrinkage if you keep to the washing instructions. Still, all articles go through a few more hands before you receive them, so wash before wear.

  • Example-stretch width

    Before you start sewing

    Keep in mind, unless stated otherwise, elastic lace textiles are only stretchable in one direction: the length.
    The 'stretchiness' of the width comes from all the holes of the design. To keep the design clean, take care not to stretch the laces too much while sewing, else it will create creases, when you let it go.

  • Sewing Tools in violet

    Recommended Tools

    Scissors, thin needles (most recommend 60-70 NM) - if you got elastic lace, better use stretch needles.
    No need for extra special tools, use what you have to sew!

    Use zigzag stitch or French stitch and maybe a pattern you can put under the lace textile. For a more delicate touch, hand sew the laces together.

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  • Example-stretch width and length

    Elasticity & Stretching

    If you are interested in lace textiles that stretch in all directions, then look at our 'Extra Stretch' Laces. These are stretchable in all directions by design.
    Stretchty in width & length.

  • Lines for cutting a lace ribbon

    Cutting designs out

    There are some laces where you can cut out part of the design.
    It is pretty obvious where that is possible without unraveling the whole thing. But you have to take care while cutting. Then just let your imagination run wild.

  • Lace Galloon Edges in focus

    Setting the scene

    If you got yourself some Galloon laces - the ribbons with symmetrical edges - then you may want to work the edges into your project. There are several benefits.
    Most conveniently: No need to hem the edges

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Please note

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues meterage's it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.

Color Accuracy

Technical Values